T4.1 - Establishing Data services [Months: 1-48] ECMWF, KNMI
MARS data: Data services through the MARS archive at ECWMF will be built up from the TIGGE-LAM project.
This archive will hold subsets of every reanalysis dataset produced in WP2, stored in a common format (but still
using the original grid and resolution).
ESGF data: Data services through ESGF Data Nodes for users outside the meteorological community, liaising
with the CLIPC project. For each dataset the work required will be slightly different because the native archive for
nearly each dataset is different.

T4.2 - User-oriented products [Months: 1-48] KNMI, SMHI, MF
Indices for European area: Set of derived indices (including uncertainty information) based on the RA data.
All indicator information will be updated every month using newly available reanalysis and observational data. The
trends in the indicators will be assessed.
HYPE-SURFEX-TRIP for European area: Evaluating the quality of precipitation in the different RA through highresolution
large-scale hydrological models, using discharge data to provide feedback on simulated precipitation
fields. The SMHI hydrological model for Europe, E-HYPE will be set up and run from RA data of SMHI, MO, MF and
possibly DWD. The MESCAN reanalysis will be used by MF to drive the surface module (SURFEX). The drainage
and run-off computed will be used to force the hydrological model TRIP to compute river discharge. Results will
be compared with EU-HYPE.