Links to the reports that are part of Deliverables are listed here.

D 1.1 A comprehensive list of possible additional sources that can be accessed for digitisation and encoding

D 1.2 Report on the locations of the station data: digitsed and to be digitised

D 1.3 Infilling in temporal and spatial gaps for the post-1950 period in Europe and its borders

D1.4  Infilling in European temporal and spatial gaps for the pre-1950 period. Data subset

D 1.5  Quality controlled time-series of synoptic observations for the post- and pre -1950 periods in Europe and
its borders

D 1.6 Homogeneity and homogenisation assessments of station data as they are collected from the NMHSs
and from other sources

D 1.7 All the quality assessed sub-daily data made available to WP2 and publicly available through WP4

D 1.8 Inclusion of D1.3, D1.4, D1.5, D1.6 data in the ECA&D system and MARS archive

D 1.9  Assessment of the impact of changes in station density on the E-OBS dataset

D 1.10  Development of improvements to the gridding to enhance procedures during periods of extreme weather

D 1.11  Assessment of the potential for enhancing the gridding resolution in parts of Europe, together with more
comprehensive comparisons with NMHS derived gridded products

D 1.12  Beta version of enhanced gridding software available to project partners

D 1.13 E-OBS updates

D 1.14 Development of more comprehensive uncertainty estimations

D 2.1 Development of ensemble variational data capability and report demonstrating ensemble uncertainty products

D 2.2 Report of the observations and datasets assembled for the ensemble based variational assimilation.

D 2.3 Preliminary report with ensemble diagnostics

D 2.4 Ensemble diagnostics report and documentation

          Uncertainties in Regional Reanalyses - Final Report from the Met Office

D 2.5 HARMONIE physics ensembles

D 2.6 : Preliminary report of the first period of the RA

D2.7 : HARMONIE reanalysis report of results and dataset

D 2.8 MESCAN - SURFEX reanalysis report

D 2.9 : Ensemble surface reanalysis report

D 2.10 MESAN Cloud fraction analysis

D 2.11 A probabilistic observation data set for assimilation in ensemble nudging and statistical observations

D 2.12 Kalman Filter Ensemble DA development

D 2.13 Kalman Filter Ensemble diagnostics report and documentation

D 2.14 RA Uncertainty evaluation

D 3.1 Workshop on the definition of a common evaluation procedure: Minutes/report

D 3.2 Preliminary table summarizing common evaluation procedures shared among WP3 partners

D 3.3 Programming package: A portable set of algorithms

D 3.4 Evaluation procedures and experiences

D 3.5 Preliminary report of assessment of the first period of the RA

D 3.6 Scientific report of the assessments of reanalysed against independent data sets

D 3.7 Workshop on the synthesis of evaluation results

D 3.8 User friendly synthesis report of the evaluation report and of uncertainties in regional reanalyses

D 4.1 Subset of reanalyses in MARS at ECMWF

D 4.2 Data Plan

D 4.3 Data services and visualisation prototype

D 4.4 Implementation of ESGF node for at least one UERRA dataset

D 4.5 Indices based on reanalysis data, including uncertainty information

D 4.6 HYPE EURO4M Evaluation Report

D 4.7 HARMONIE and MESCAN Europe and MO Hydrological Evaluation Report

D 4.8 Evaluation report TRIP river discharge

D 5.1 GA and REA (review) meetings

D 6.1 Coordination plan

D 6.2 MST Meetings and minutes

D 6.3 ESAB Meetings

D 7.1 General dissemination plan

D 7.2 Training material on the use of reanalysis in climate services resulting from the workshop

D 7.3 EU brief I

D 7.4 EU brief II

D 7.5 EU brief III

D 7.6 UERRA Web Site Scientific News

D 7.7 Web site annual Newsletters

D 7.8 UERRA Show Case Event

D 7.9 African Workshop

D 8.1 Initial review of user requirements

D8.2 First Workshop involving climate service providers

D 8.3 Second Workshop involving external climate service providers

D 8.4 Guidance material as a result of the second workshop

D 9.3 Common lessons learned from 4 of the 5 Copernicus projects

D 9.4 Meeting minutes




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