Introduction, see the pdf file!


UERRA ( is a now in its last (4th) year. All the pieces are now falling into place:


- Data rescue and development has been completed in UERRA with much more data than anticipated and data development (quality control and homogenisation) has been done on now also the sub-daily time scale;


- Improvements have been made to the E-OBS data set, in methodology and in assessing  uncertainties;


- The Regional Reanalysis production is in full swing with significant parts of the time periods covered.


- Conversion of Reanalysis data to WMO GRIB-2 has been accomplished and archiving in MARS is going on as fast as possible for the common UERRA archive;


- Developments of evaluation methods and the common software package has been completed and tried on some of the Reanalysis data;


- User contacts and meetings and workshops have taken place with users and also with related Projects and EU stakeholders;


- The above components are preparing for operational Copernicus Climate Change Services for which tenders have been issued during the latter part of 2016.