T9.1 - Information exchange and ideas among the five projects [Months: 1-48]  SMHI, KNMI
This task will focus on the exchange of information and ideas among the projects. A coordination plan will be
prepared by the coordination team to detail the specific actions to be undertaken by the projects. It will be
maintained and updated during the life time of the projects (Dx.1). This plan will cover also the optimal arrangements
for data exchange and data services to be developed as part of each project (according to the DoWs).

T9.2 - Coordination meetings organization [Months: 1-48]  KNMI
This task will be in charge of organising teleconferences on a 6-monthly basis.
A first joint meeting will be organised at the premises of REA in Brussels after the kick-off of all the projects.
Additional physical meetings (possibly replacing a teleconference) may be organised upon REA’s or Coordinators’
request Where possible, these meetings will be organised in combination with project Assembly meetings to limit
travel costs.

T9.3 - Common web page [Months: 1-48] SMHI
A common web page which links to the individual project websites will be created and maintained. The system
support will be provided within CLIPC WP3. Designated staff from all projects will be able to edit content and upload
documents. There will be both public areas and a protected area for exchange of information among the CCCS5
projects. This task will provide editorial support for these pages.

T9.4 - Liaising activities with potential users and other stakeholders including ESA [Months: 1-48]  KNMI, SMHI
This task will assess the options for common approaches for liaising with potential users and other stakeholders,
including ESA-CCI projects, etc. This includes coordination of surveys, workshops, meetings, and preparation of
common outreach material. Taking into account the differences in planning of the five projects common approaches
will avoid overburdening stakeholders. Joint efforts will also increase the possibilities for stakeholder liaison.

T9.5 - Coordination activity and meetings with the European Commission [Months: 1-48]  SMHI
The task will focus in organizing coordinated input and meetings with the European Commission directorates
linked to the development of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (DG ENTR) or other Climate Services (DG
CLIMA, EEA). This activity aims at discussing common elements and guarantee adequate representation of each
individual project. It will help to communicate a coordinated message, rather than five distinct messages from the
five projects. This applies to general policy related meetings at commission level only; communication with the
Commission on project specific elements will be managed at the project level.
Additional tasks may follow during the course of the projects.