WP9 - Overarching Coordination FP7 Copernicus climate change projects [Months: 1-48]  KNMI
ERA-CLIM2, UERRA, QA4ECV, CLIPC and EUCLEIA are acronyms for five FP7 projects from the 2013 FP7 space
call that all share the common objective to prepare for a future operational Copernicus Climate Change Service. To
ensure a proper coordination among these projects, there is the need to have an overarching coordination among
these projects. This overarching coordination will be embedded in each individual DoW as a separate WP named
“Overarching coordination between FP7 Copernicus climate change projects”.
The overarching coordination team consists of the Coordinators of the five projects and will itself be coordinated
by Dr. Albert Klein Tank of KNMI which will attend project Assembly meetings where possible and desired Note
that the role assigned to Dr. Albert Klein Tank is that of facilitator rather than supervisor and that KNMI has been
chosen as it is partner in four out of the five projects