There will be two user workshops in UERRA; the first one will establish early contacts with users or potential users of reanalysis products. The idea products and their likely properties and how they might fit different applications.

One new and important issue is what sort of uncertainty information is needed and how to use it for their applications.

The users learn and assess the products for their applications and give feedback on how they fit for specific purposes.

In connection with the UERRA General Assembly (1-3 February 2016) the User Workshop will continue the 3-4 February. A number of users will be approached from contacts established in earlier project and that the UERRA institutes have had, especially with users of EURO4M data.

Another possibility is to use the EUMETNET network and invite users withing the NMSs. Other networks like JPI-Climate, ECRA and organisations like EEA will also be approached.

One can lend on EURO4M lists and experiences or at least use it as a starting point.