Last year the main procedures for evalutation and uncertainty estimations were defined in UERRA including user requirements. It was done both through developing of common on-line documents and a Workshop at DWD last June.

The table below summarizes the basic methods and data sources that will be used. A common software package is being developed but using some main components that already exist at the partner's institutes and that can be freely available.

An important and necessary condition for the evaluation work and software development is the access to the different reanalysis data in a consistent and as unified way. A lot of work has gone into defining the common (as far as possible) set of archive types and parameters to be stored in MARS at ECMWF. The archives are designed with a user perspective in mind, both the scientific community but also the general user community in society. The inventory from CORE-CLIMAX is cross-checked in order to make sure all the relevant Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) defined by ESA are covered.

To start with, a test data set with EURO4M renalysis data set is stored or being stored in MARS (Met Office, SMHI, DWD and MF. An example from the archive explorer is shown below.