The 3-dimensional reanalysis system at SMHI was set up and tried last year using 3-dimensional variational analysis in the HARMONIE NWP modelling system. It has two different formulations and software packages for the parameterisation of physical processes that are not resolved at the 11 km model grid resolution (e.g. clouds particles, condensation, radiation, turbulence, soil and surface processes). Two parallel reanalyses using the two physics packages have been running since the beginning of the year. The period covered is 2006-2010 and most of the period has been processed. The European-Atlantic region is covered and the grid resolution is 11 km, The computing facilities at ECMWF are used.

The purpose of these runs is threefold: 1) to evaluate the spread in the reanalyses (using the same observations) due to model physics differences; 2) to decide on the best physics for the full 50+ years reanalysis at this resolution (11 km) and 3) to provide background or input to the 2-dimensional ensemble 5 km reanalysis at Météo-France (see below).

From the first three years the verifications of the of the forecast parts of the reanalyses shows similar results but where there are differences, the ALADIN physics package scores a bit better.

Forecast verification against radiosondes