2017-10-04 Per Undén

UERRA MST meeting no 18

4 October 2017



Per Undén, Manola Brunet, Andrea Kaiser-Weiss, Richard Renshaw, Else van den Besselaar, Gé Verver


Agenda approval

Progress reports updates from the WPs and Deliverables per WP

Status and plan of data production and archives


User Workshop 30 November

Evaluation Workshop 1 December

Periodic report and final report

Meetings and communication (EMS , Rome RA ICR5 inter alias)


Next MST meeting

Progress reports in the WPs


The work in WP1 is mainly completed and all the Deliverables done. The Romanian data were 270,000 and slightly less than the 300k in the DoW, but we do not consider this to be a problem since the right stations and variables are there.
UEA (Phil) has already provided their part of the Periodic report (Techn. Part). 


University of Bonn and Maarit Lockhoff has completed the 5 year period, so the task is completed! The report, D 2.13 is a bit late but the draft will be ready in October and submitted before the GA.

MF has delays but plan to finish the production for end of November. In addition a parallel stream will be started with 6 hourly write-ups instead of the much more costly hourly ones. The report, D 2.8 will be ready for the GA.

The MO has run 23 years and they are now running 2011-16 and then the 90:s remain, 15 years remain and it will be aimed for the end of year but probably will extend into January. It is not considered as a problem now for the Project; it is more an issue that the final dataset will be published late, even if most of the date can be used from MARS now. The report, D 2.4, was submitted in June based on available RA:s. The MO plans to update the report with the complete dataset and it will be provided on the UERRA web even if the Deliverable will probably not be replaced.

SMHI has prepared their report, D 2.7 as draft and some more will be added this week.

Peter has made and compiled a lot of ensemble diagnostics and verification from the MO and DWD from a summer period 2007 and the winter before and sent out templates to the others. It is difficult or not so meaningful with the two model versions from SMHI since there are only two members, but standard RMS error statistics should be done for the report 2.14.


The plan of the work at KNMI was agreed in June. The climate indices had to be computed on shorter periods than anticipated due to the limited periods of data and also the long time needed for the data retrievals. January and February for 2005-10 have been used. 1 year of COSMO (UB) data have been retrieved too but there is a problem to convert to NetCDF under investigation currently. The work on the CI will be done during the next weeks.

The Assessment report D 3.6 is worked on a draft should be ready for 10 October and then circulated among the providers for one or two weeks. Francesco managed to include COSMO as well. Deborah will provide evaluation of winds, precipitation, temperature and radiation. KNMI will do Climate Indices as mentioned.

It will be done for a few periods that are selected.

There was a but in the conversion from relative humidity and cloudiness and albedo to % so that points with >1 were not converted to 100% but to 0. A note shall be put in the report (and the web) by Per.

The D 3.6 will be ready for the GA.

3.7 is the WS in preparation and D 3.8 a report which is prepared and will be completed after the WS and in time.


Climate indices have been computed from reanalyses and a number of years are available. Else has put them in the viewer at KNMI and when all the intended data are there it can be linked from the UERRA web. D 4.5 depends on COSMO data and the problem should hopefully be solved.

WP 5-7

Gé will participate in the African WS on Climate change in Africa, Marrakesh, 6-11 November. The abstract has been accepted.

For the meetings, and the GA, it is a good idea to ask the ESAB members to give their views too.

D 7.2 will be prepared. D 7.5 is not deemed to be necessary any more.


The planning of the second User workshop is gooing on.


Telephone meeting is scheduled for 1 November

Status and plan of data production and archiving and impact

Has been discussed above.


Details about WiFi have been provided, to be included in the Programme.

User Workshop

There was a long discussion about the introduction to the User guidance and what to select and advantages and limitations etc. and some compromises were arrived at. It can be how we would choose different parameters and how we would consider their uncertainties. It was proposed that Per and Gé will prepare and present ideas about in the afternoon session.

The announcement has been disseminated widely but so far only a few have registered. It is perhaps an early deadline of 20 October and in that case the Programme needs to be ready next week! (Gé will be on holiday 16/10 to 3/11 and Per 16-20/10. Somebody at KNMI will look after the details.) A second announcement will be made after the deadline so that more people may have register.

Evaluation Workshop

The Agenda is available in draft form. The change is that KNMI have not done station comparisons.

Periodic report and Final report

It is under way and they (the partner's technical parts) should be available in early November and for the GA.

Meetings and communication

EMS meeting 4-8 September. Several UERRA abstracts have been presented for the reanalysis session.

Participation planned at the 5th International Conference on Reanalysis (ICR5), 13 - 17 November 2017 in Rome, Italy.



Next MST meeting

Action points

See the statements in bold in the text above and below, extracted

Deliverables' status

D 2.7 HARMONIE datasets M 45 – draft available and a bit more to do this week.

D 2.8 MESCAN downscaling M45 delayed for production will be ready BEFORE the GA

bad news Camille is leaving us -

D 2.13 Kalman filter ensemble diagnostics M45 – draft ready in October and submitted before the GA

D 2.14 RA uncertainty estimation M45. Discussions and exchanges taken up by Peter and coordinated formats and diagnostics. Ensemble diagnostics has been calculated from MO and COSMO.

D 3.6 Scientific Assessment M45. Draft will be ready 10 October and circulated for 1-2 weeks before submitted.

D 3.7 Synthesis workshop M45

D 3.8 User synthesis. M48. Will be done in time.

D 4.1 MARS archives. M48

D 4.5 Climate indices M48

D 4.7 Hydrological evaluation M45 delayed to October due to the data availability and much parallel work but going ahead fine.

D 4.8 TRIP evaluation M45 needs to delayed to the GA, due to late production and staffing. (end of year)

D 5.1 GA and REA meetings M48

D 6.2 MST meetings and minutes M48

D 6.3 ESAB meetings M48

D 7.2 Training material DWD, M48 will be done

D 7.5 EU brief III M48 not so effective and probably not needed now

D 7.9. African Workshop. An abstract accepted for the WS in November.

D 8.3 Second Workshops involving external climate service providers. M42. In Tarragona.

D 8.4 User guidance. M48. After the WS and based on conclusions also from there.

D 9.4 Meeting minutes (Overarching, KNMI) M48