2016-02-29 Per Undén

UERRA MST meeting no 11, 29 February 2016



Per Undén, Manola Brunet, Andrea Kaiser-Weiss, Richard Renshaw, Else van den Besselaar, Gé Verver.


Progress reports updates from the WPs

Deliverables' status

Copernicus Climate Change services and UERRA approach, Q/A

Conferences: Abstracts to EMS/ECAM in September, other meetings.

UERRA Meetings, GA and showcase WS in November

AOB, Other meetings and communication

Next MST meeting

Progress reports in the WPs

It was confirmed after the meeting that Else van den Besselaar is taking over the WP 4 leadership and Gé Verver as WP8 leader. Albert Klein Tank remains as WP9 leader.


The data digitisers (at URV) have delivered their last data series and it is now undergoing QA, both visual and automatic data quality control. There has been progress from MET Norway in that they have provided their data from the 60s and 70s in digital for (1.14 GB), of T, WS, WD and precipitation at the sub-daily scale. There have been conversations between Eric, Else, Linden and Manola on accessing to precipitation data at the daily and sub-daily scale from ECA&D and from the data rescue effort at URV to use these data for WP2 to undertake an experiment about the sensitivity of the precipitation analysis to the observation network.

Action: Manola was asked to formulate to which international data bases the observations will be delivered to (when they are processed incl. Homogenised at the end of the year).

For the uncertainty work and gridding enhancements, the work is ongoing.



At the MO the Validation package has been developed to monitor the ensembles and their spread. A recent 1 month test shows that it is performing as it should. There are perturbations in model, observations, boundaries and initial data. The system should be ready by the end of March and start production in April.

SMHI has corrected a bug in the gradient of the Jk large scale cost function and tested a large scale mix and tested for several periods, before re-running the 5 years and start the long runs again. The impact was small in areas with observations and only data void areas were there some noticeable differences. The downscaling at MF probably doesn't have to be re-done just for this since the background from SMHI is only one component and the impact of the correction is small. It is expected that both sets of runs will resume right now.

The COSMO nudging RA is also ready to start now and Lilo is happy with the results.

It is mainly now an issue to get the MARS GRIB2 archiving sorted out for all the partners (the SMHI ones were started to be archived before the GA).

Action: Per will check and ensure with Richard and ECMWF.


The WP3 has continued and the new think is that they have also started using satellite data for evaluation (radiances). Cristian is working on the spatial verification and against high resolution data.

They will need the UERRA archived data in the not too distant future and it is expected that this will be available at least in May and no later than July. The years to be rerun are concentrated around 2008-9 but also 2007. 2009 can use ERA-5 data but Met Office will test with ERA-Interim too. (Since it is an approved data set).


The Data plan in collaboration with CLIPC has now been submitted (D4.2).

The ESGF system seems to be working in Sweden (with EURO4M MESAN data in CLIPC).

It is expected to be working at KNMI soon too, but there are back-up solutions ()


How to do the EU-briefs in the DoW was discussed at the GA/Review meeting, so a short document is being prepared and one or two WSs will be attended.

Action: Per will follow it up with Albert and Monika.


The report from the User Workshop is practically ready and will be submitted in a week's time roughly. The WS was very useful with User presentations but the detailed user requirement discussions need to be taken up perhaps at an individual level and before the 2nd WS.


The contacts through tele conferences between the 5 projects will resume. The common web page is probably satisfactory, TBD. A telephone conference is scheduled for 1 March.

Deliverables' status

D 1.3 DARE data gaps pre 1950. M24. done

D 1.9 – E-OBS impact of data density (M15). Done

D 1.10 and 12 (Gridding improvements and resolution enhancement) (M24). These are expected to be a little delayed as explained before.

D 2.2 Ensemble variational observations. M24. This will be done and slightly delayed.

D 2.5 HARMONIE physics ensemble (M12). Done and submitted.

D 2.10 MESAN cloud analysis. M24. Delayed some months into 2016 summer (for the SEVIRI period).

D 3.4 Evaluation experiences. M24. Done

D 4.2 Data plan. Done and submitted (February) (M12)

D 7.3 – M18. EU brief. Albert is prepared to do this but we are lacking a good choice of venue and event and Per is writing a document and meetings are planned.

D 8.2 – User Workshop I (M24). This has taken place and the report is finalised.

D 9.2 – Web portal : Common web page. The common web page under clipc.eu will be submitted as a deliverable by CLIPC (although it appears in all 5 projects). (M6).

D 9.3 Lessons learned. M24. To be discussed in the Overarching telecon 1 March

Copernicus climate change services, plans, Q/A and WS

The User consultation WS for Regional RA will be 19-20 May (almost certainly) and a list from UERRA has been sent for suggesting users to be invited.

Following the discussions after the GA, Richard will compile the Questions to be asked and circulate the list to the people who attended. Action.

EMS and other meetings and communication

Royal Met Soc Regional reanalysis Meeting, Imp. College, London, 16 March. (Richard Renshaw)

HIRLAM/ALADIN All Staff Meeting/WS 4-7 April. Per presents an UERRA poster.

CMOS meeting in Canada 29 May – 2 June (gridded climate data) (Richard Cornes)

EGU 12-17 April. Eric will attend and present and so will Richard Cornes (two contributions).

Provia Adaptation conference Rotterdam May (KNMI participants anyway)

GEO WS 31 May-2 June. Per plans to participate to show UERRA (outreach and EU-brief etc.)

EMS/ECAM 12-16 September, 16 April deadline

NMM 22-24 August, 1 April deadline

REA will organise a collocation workshop with the Projects in the autumn.

Article / page for Parliament Events (dods), for MEPs, Commissioners etc. policy-makers written by Per.

GA eo 2016 and Showcase event and Project review meeting(s)

There will be a session for the review or a review meeting with our PO will be early in September (at least for the Coordinator)

The next GA is announced 21-23 and the showcase WS 23-24 November.

N.B. there is no Period Report now, it is due for 1 July 2016.

Next MST meeting

In about two month's time.

Action points

1. Manola will list where the rescues data will be published internationally.

2. Per will follow up the progress and plans for the UERRA MARS GRIB-2 archives.

3. Richard will circulate the list of Questions on the Regional RA C3S service to the persons that were present in the discussion.


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