T8.1 - Third-party evaluation of reanalyses data and products [Months: 1-48]  KNMI, DWD
Third party Workshops: Facilitate that external partners are given early access to the UERRA and EURO4M
data in order to evaluate the use of regional RA data and derived products and their uncertainties. A dedicated
data workshop will be organized by KNMI together with DWD for the evaluation and to get feedback from early
adopters first, in the middle of the project (using the first products from the newly developed reanalysis ensemble).
Policy makers and stakeholders at national as well as European levels will be invited to the workshop to get early
indications of the user requirements.
On the basis of the evaluation material and guidance developed in WP3, this effort will assess whether the
reanalysis data are fit for their intended use. Prior to the workshop, dedicated presentations at national workshops/
conferences will be given in order to collect and evaluate user requirements. A second workshop will be held during
the last year of the project in order to embrace the feedback from users into a guidance on the use of the RA data.
Policy makers will be involved in the workshop and their evaluations will be important for the conclusions. Those
conclusions will be included into the guidance documents.