T7.1 - Dissemination [Months: 1-48]  SMHI, KNMI
UERRA will create a project identity (branding, graphical logo) to be used in all publicity activities. We will set up and
maintain a Web Portal with a public and a private section. The latter will be used for internal project communication
and document exchange.
The primary dissemination channels for achievements in UERRA will be peer-reviewed scientific literature, a
project leaflet, and 6-monthly electronic newsletters. Project partners will make regular contributions to national
and international conferences.
At the start of the project a dissemination plan will be made, following discussions at the kick-off meeting. Detailed
dissemination activities, with timings and identified target groups will be laid down.
This task will have a close link to WP4 where work on data dissemination, products and links to users is the focus.
There will be a user group with European NHMSs and interaction with policy makers and support to climate change
monitoring and adaptation policy makers. Through these channels partners will maintain an active dialogue with the
international Climate research community, both informing on UERRA activities and contributing to the development
of future coordinated activities in climate research. In year 3, UERRA will organize a show case event where project
results will be demonstrated and future directions for reanalysis discussed.
News about the project will be published on the UERRA web site with news items and newsletters. The Coordinator will represent UERRA in external meetings and conferences.

T7.2 - Outreach and capacity development [Months: 1-48]  DWD, KNMI
Policy outreach: EEA/JRC contacts and Brussels policy briefs. Connect to the climate change community through
bilateral contacts (EEA/JRC) and working with the coordinator of the CORE-CLIMAX coordination project to
contribute to his report about the links between new and ongoing FP7 projects (DWD, KNMI). Hold 3 policy briefs
in Brussels during the course of the project (M18, M33, M48). They will be drafted from a policy perspective point of
view in a non-technical language and not more than two pages in length and with an attractive layout. (KNMI 4 pm)
GFCS outreach: Contribution to workshops in Africa, held together with the ETCCDI and WMO (KNMI). DWD will
develop training material in order to promote the benefit of integrated use of climate data. (DWD 4 pm)