WP7 - Dissemination & Outreach [Months: 1-48]  SMHI
The progress and the results form UERRA will at regular intervals be communicated with the EC via REA. There
will be full reports, but also newsletters and information via the UERRA web site.
Policy makers within the EU institutions will be informed and a dialogue established.
As part of this WP, a connection to the climate change community (including ESA-CCI) and the Copernicus-related
projects (GEOLAND2, CRYOLAND, MYOCEAN2) will be established to inform them on the developed reanalyses
and observation products, and to get relevant feedback for the project.
Remaining information gaps will be closed by generation and evaluation of specific surveys. Actors in the relevant
core and downstream Copernicus services and in related national and international programmes will be actively
involved in this process. The lessons learned from the process for establishing user needs will be considered too.
This WP will provide the UERRA input for the work in WP9 (Overarching coordination FP7 Copernicus climate
change projects).