T5.1 - Management [Months: 1-48]  SMHI
This task includes the following (non-exhaustive) activities:
• Overall legal, financial, administrative management and reporting
• Maintenance of the Consortium Agreement and handling of other legal issues
• Handling of the project correspondence and day-to-day requests from partners and external bodies
• Implementing and maintaining of a project-specific database for reporting and controlling, including the adaptation
of the structure after changes in the workplan and the consortium
• Implementing competitive calls for the participation of new beneficiaries
• Maintaining the project infrastructure, e.g the internal platform for information exchange and email lists
• Any other management activities foreseen by the REA Grant Agreement annexes, except coordination of research
and technological development activities

T5.2 - Financial reporting, Communication and interfacing with REA [Months: 1-48]  SMHI
Timely and good quality reports on the financial progress of the project and interfacing with the REA will be the
responsibility of the coordinator. The coordinator will be the single contact point for the REA and for strategic issues
outside the project. This task will ensure the appropriate follow-up of specific obligations deriving from the REA
Grant Agreement, in terms of reporting (financial results), communication and general management procedures. It
will inform the REA of project achievements and any deviations from the agreed plans. In case of major difficulty;
it will carry out a dialogue with the REA in order to find the appropriate solution. The establishment of routines will
ensure efficient communication between and among the project partners, the associated experts, the REA and
other partners. This task also include scheduling, organizing, chairing and follow up of General Assembly meetings
and other meetings relating to management.