D4.1 : Subset of reanalyses in MARS at ECMWF (ECMWF 18 pm) [month 48]
D4.2 : Data plan: INSPIRE compliant data dissemination plan and hand over to CLIPC (KNMI 4 pm, ECMWF 2
pm) [month 12]
D4.3 : Data services and visualisation prototype (ECMWF 2 pm) [month 12]. See the Report.
D4.4 : Implementation of ESGF (Earth System Grid Federation) node for at least one UERRA dataset (KNMI 8
pm) [month 36]
D4.5 : Indices based on reanalysis data, including uncertainty information (KNMI 8 pm) [month 48]
D4.6 : HYPE EURO4M evaluation report (SMHI 6 pm) [month 10]. See the report.
D4.7 : HARMONIE and MESCAN Europe and MO RA hydrological evaluation report (SMHI 2 pm) [month 45]
D4.8 : Evaluation report TRIP river discharge (MF 14 pm) [month 45]
Schedule of relevant Milestones


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