D3.1 : Workshop on the definition of a common evaluation procedure (KNMI 1pm, MO 1 pm, UEA 1 pm, EDI 1
pm, NMA-RO 1 pm, DWD 1 pm, MI 1 pm) [month 3]. See the report.
D3.2 : Preliminary table summarizing common evaluation procedures shared among WP3 partners via email
(KNMI 1 pm, DWD 1 pm) [month 6]. See the document.
D3.3 : A portable starting set of algorithms (suggested to be programmed in R) to support the common
evaluation procedure (DWD 10 pm, KNMI 1 pm, MI 2 pm) [month 15]
D3.4 : Table summarizing the so far applied common evaluation procedures and sharing of first experiences
among WP3 partners via email (KNMI 2 pm, DWD 2 pm) [month 24]
D3.5 : Preliminary report of assessment of the first period of the RA (KNMI 2 pm, MO 1 pm, DWD 7 pm, MI 2
pm, UEA, EDI) [month 34]
D3.6 : Scientific report on assessment of regional analysis against independent data sets (KNMI 6 pm, MO, UEA
3 pm, EDI 3 pm, NMA-RO 1 pm, DWD 8 pm, MI 2 pm) [month 45]
D3.7 : Workshop on the synthesis of evaluation results (KNMI 2 pm, MO, UEA 1 pm, EDI 1 pm, NMA-RO 1 pm,
DWD 2 pm, MI 1 pm) [month 45]
D3.8 : User friendly synthesis report on evaluation and uncertainty of regional reanalyses (KNMI 6 pm, MO,
UEA, EDI 2 pm, NMA-RO 1 pm, DWD 6 pm, MI 1 pm) [month 48]


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