Evaluation workshop Friday: Draft program


8:30 Overview – Methods for evaluation (Deborah Niermann)

8:40 What can we learn from DA output and what not (Peter Jermey)

9:00 Comparison of wind speeds against station observations (Deborah Niermann)

9:20 Comparison wrt drought indices (NMA-RO)

9:40 Comparison of indices based on temperature and precipitation (Else van den Besselaar)


9:40– 10:00 Coffee

10:00 Evaluation of reanalyses for​ precipitation in complex terrain: the Alps and the Fennoscandia (Cristian Lussana and Francesco Isotta)

10:40 Comparison against satellite data (Michael Borsche)

11:00 Remaining challenges (all)


11:15 Discussion and draft for user guide (Andrea Kaiser-Weiss)

11:45 -12:00 Conclusions