2nd User Workshop of the UERRA regional reanalysis project
Tarragona, Spain, 30 November 2017

Reanalysis integrates and synthesizes observations from satellites, ground-based stations and results from 
comprehensive models into a consistent dataset describing the state and historical evolution of the climate.
The UERRA project produces ensembles of regional re-analyses, including
estimates of the associated uncertainties in these data sets. The project provides valuable information
for climate change services for society and to support adaptation activities to a changing environment in Europe. The UERRA regional re-analyses project will finish by the end of 2017. We would like to share with you the results
of this EU FP7 project during the 2nd User Workshop that takes place at El Seminari, Carrer de Sant Pau, 4,
Tarragona, Spain
on 30 November.

Topics will be: * Principles of reanalysis systems used in UERRA * Demonstrating data access and visualization * Strengths & weakness of the different datasets * Assessing uncertainties and fitness for purpose There will be plenty of time for users to discuss issues that arise from specific applications and to provide feedback.

Participants of the User Workshop are invited to also attend the UERRA Evaluation Workshop
Tarragona, Spain, 1 December 2017
that will take place on the following Friday morning at the same venue. During this evaluation workshop, 
UERRA-results for wind, temperature, precipitation, radiation and climate indices will be evaluated and
discussed in more detail. Please visit the workshop webpage for registration
and practical information. Participants are requested to register before October 20, 2017.


Please see also the flyer.

UERRA User Workshop and Evaluation Workshop 30 November and 1 December at El Seminari, Carrer de Sant Pau, 4, Tarragona, Spain
Preliminary User Workshop Programme (Thursday 30 November, registration starts at ~8:30am)
1 - Short introduction of the UERRA project
2 - Principles and general overview of reanalysis systems
3 - User experiences and requirements
  *   User perspective on climate data
  *   User applications – users are invited to briefly explain their need for re-analysis data
4 - Presentation of all re-analyses products prepared in UERRA
5 - Methods to assess fitness for purposes
6 - Overview of the strengths & weakness of the different datasets
7 - Climate indices based on different re-analyses datasets
8 - Demonstrating data access and visualization
9 - How to meet the users' requirements – dialogue
Preliminary Evaluation Workshop Programme (Friday morning 1 December, 8:30 until 13:00)
1 - Overview of used evaluation methods
2 - Comparison against station data, gridded data, satellite data and ensemble verification methods
(Bias, MSE decomposition, frequency distributions, extremes, correlation on various temporal and spatial scales and other skill scores) with special emphasis on wind speed, temperature, precipitation, radiation and climate indices
3 - Remaining challenges


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