SMHI, Météo-France, Bonn University and the Met Office are running their reanalyses in WP2 with the HARMONIE-ALADIN, ALADIN and MESCAN, COSMO and Unified Model systems. More than 25 years of data exist from SMHI but for different decades and not contiguous yet. We concentrate first on 2006-2010 and particularly 2008. After a lot of hard work of extracting out the right data and converting them for the consistent common UERRA archive, we have now started the MARS archiving at ECMWF. The schedule of production and archiving can be seen in the GANTT diagram which will be kept up to date.

The Data rescue activities have completed some 8.2 M data that include a lot of the sub-daily scale and almost all of them have undergone extensive quality controls and corrections.